Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Management Company starts...

Welcome to 2008 - Happy New Year!

As the new year starts so do some additional changes at Chancellor's Ridge. The biggest change is that our new management company CAS starts service. Contact information for CAS is listed below in case you need them for anything.

With this change we do expect there will be some hiccups but we will be working closely with CAS to keep the hiccups to a minimum.

What this change does not mean:

There are no rule changes to the CC&Rs or the ACC Guidelines.

There is no change in the amount of assessments or when they are due from 2007.

You may still receive letters or notices of violations to the CC&Rs or ACC guidelines. These letters still have the requirement of containing language that tells what the legal ramifications are (this is what most residents find as making a nasty letter - it is not a nasty letter it is a legal requirement).

There will be no decrease in the level of service we receive from our management company. If you feel that there is a problem with CAS then please notify your board of directors at:

CAS contact info:

Property Manger: Allan Schwartz
Contact Phone: 919-403-1400 x 1205
Contact email:

Accounting questions: 877-420-9320 x 2

Pay assessments online via credit card at:

CAS, Inc.
5915 Farrington Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-9900

Again - Happy New Year!

Shane Kirk
President, CR HOA

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is it within the scope of the management company’s responsibilities to contact neighbors who leave their barking dogs outside late in the night? Their pets disrupt the neighborhood and impact their neighbors’ quality of life. If they send letters for have long grass why not send letters for nuisance pets?

Additionally, can the HOA encourage the use of anti-bark collars in upcoming newsletters? Thank you.