Monday, January 28, 2008

Creekside Elementary - Redistricting Information

Received in an email to the board:

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you, the rumors are now reality and redistricting is openly being discussed and possibly even expected. There are two very important meetings coming up in the next two weeks. The first will take place at the Fuller Administration building on Thursday, January 31st at 6:30PM and this is an open meeting. The only agenda item is the growth and redistricting of Creekside and I urge you to attend this meeting if at all possible. On this night we will hear what Dr. Harris and his staff propose for the future of Creekside. We believe that there will be multiple options proposed and discussion by the Board will be held.

A week following, on Thursday, February 7th, there will be a Public Comment Session at 6:30PM at Creekside. Again, please make plans to attend as this will be an opportunity for parents and staff to talk about their feelings and thoughts on at least one of the proposals. It is extremelyimportant for all parents to support Creekside, this includes rising Kindergarteners. Creekside is a great school, in part, due to the active participation of many dedicated families. Removing any part of the Creekside family dilutes what we have been able to accomplish through the many challenges we have already faced. Removing any part of Creekside only sends those children into other already overcrowded schools.

I have attached my public comments for your review. There will be articles in the Durham Herald Sun and the N&O in the morning. The blog from tonight's meeting by the N&O is already up at I hope to have a blog up shortly at and then President's Blog. Please stay tuned, get active and help save ourschool because our children need you. You can start by passing this on to others who may be interested but not on the email list.

From a separate email to the board:

This article may be of interest to the community:

It reports on a proposal to redraw the Creekside Elementary school district. It would be nice to post this kind of information either on the blog or on the CR website.

"School officials will present the school board with proposals to solve the overcrowding at a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday. A public hearing will be held at Creekside at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 7."

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Anonymous said...

This is bad news for the community. Even though redistricting has been postponed for the year, it is coming. This will mean more neighbors moving or paying for private school and likely a slowing of the rise of our property values in the years to come.